about me

Hi friends my name is Akhil Rohatgi. I am 43 years old and I am an entrepreneur.

You have a brilliant project, you have invested all you had, you have a dream..a vision to finally get on to the other side of money..means after doing this project you would be settled for life... then suddenly a sinking feeling creeps in ..that.. all your dreams and your vision are not getting you any money to take this to the next level of progress.. you are getting tired of arranging finance from the typical banking, NBFC'S, or any other method and the paper work, your net worth , etc, etc and you are getting sent off from every lending institution you can conceive of.. you can't get the money you need.

This is a web initiative to have a common platform for all the entrepreneurs who are struggling like me to get finance for their respective projects. ....Just come to this place and put yourself out there..shoot a video and send us the youtube ulr...That's exactly what I am doing as the first one to get out there and ask out loud...

I am a firm believer of some good people out their who will like your intentions and your project and will contact you...

so don't lose heart..just go out their and ask for money...that's it.. that's what www.ineedmoney.in is all about..